28 Jun 2011

Busy weekend! 忙しい週末!

We had very busy weekend. Friday in Paris, Saturday in Ireland and Sunday in Glastonbury!

パリはSolidays Festival.... フランスのご飯はとってもおいしい!
Solidays Festival in Paris..... Beautiful food in France as always! I love it.

Our favorite monitor sound man, Jim. He works very hard, and he's like a comedian when he's not working. Brilliant.

ラインチェック中。テントの中に星があってカワイイ。Line check. I  like stars on the roof.

We played at midnight, we enjoyed it!

The Go! Teamの一番好きなプロモーター。いつもフランスに呼んでくれる。
Our favorite promoter, Dub.  (he's on the middle with glasses on)
He's so elegant, smooth but his joke is high class, made us laugh all the time. We love him and his french accent. he book us in France all the time. Merci Dub!

Daddy Mick. He's our agent. He lives in UK but he appears in France suddenly. I think he's got some kind of secret skill like warp.

Well, we don't really have much time to sleep. 3 hours sleep then fly to Ireland!

Charles De Gaulle airport is very stylish!

今日はアイルランド、Sea session。Today we play at Sea session in Ireland.

海の目の前のサイトで、サーフィンのフェスみたい。The site is right in front of the sea. Surfer's festival.

I felt bit tired after not much sleep but audience gave us energy. It was good gig! Thank you.

そして、今日の一番。スカタライツ!! Todays best, The Skatalites!!

I danced so much! It was so much fun! They are not many original member left but they were like this back in 1984.

Tomorrow we are playing at Glastonbury. We played there in 2007, after 4 years we play there again!
We do our best!


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