29 Jun 2011

Glastonbury 2011!!! グラストンベリー2011!!!

Here we comes! Biggest festival in UK, Glastonbury. 175000 punters enjoying there!! Wow.

アイルランドから、カーディフに到着。We flew from Ireland to Cardiff.

テント村が見えて来た。There are so many tents.

The festival started rainy and muddy, but very sunny today! almost too hot!

うちらがやるWest Holtsステージ。客席からみると、かなりでかーい。ドキドキ。
We are playing in West Holts stage. It is big stage, but even bigger from this side. I'm nervous.

Setting our gear up at back of the stage. There are so much gear from other bands. 
Kool & The gang were setting up there!

Today's sound golden pair, Tommy and Zoe.

The Go! Teamバックドロップも準備完了。
The Go! Team back drop is ready.


We are ready to go! Todays gig are on live on BBC. I was nervous but we did our best!
really good audience. We had direct sunshine on our face, it was so hot.
I thought I was gonna pass out on stage but I made it! It was so much fun.
You can watch full show on BBC website. 

ステージ直後、苦しい!Just after our gig, suffering!

We finished our show, relaxed. Now we are ready to have fun ourselves in the festival!

日も暮れて来たよ。Sun is going down.

サム!チーム。The Sam! Team.

I was walking around the site, there was a rocking dance tent. I went there to check it out, and I ended up dancing like a mentalist. (Hands up) amazing quality entertainment.

そして、今日のトリはなんと、ビヨンセ!ビヨンセを見ようと思って移動してたら、うちらがやったステージでKool & The Gangがやっていた。ちょっと見ようと思ったら、またもやアホみたいに踊ってる自分がいた。すごーくカッコ良かった!素晴らしかった。結局ビヨンセには辿り着けず。
Today's headliner was Beyonce! I was gonna go to see her but on the way, Kool &The Gang was playing on West Holts stage where we played. I stuck there and dance so much! They were amazing, so entertaining! I couldn't reach Beyonce. Kool & The gang were just soooo good!!

longest gaytar solo!

I'm getting to know that Glastonbury is one of the best festival in the world. It's so big and high quality entertainment. I'm so lucky to play there. I recommend you to experience it!


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