5 Jul 2011

Eden Project with Flaming Lips! エデンプロジェクト!

Today we are in Eden Project, we are supporting Flaming Lips! I've been waiting for it long time.

Eden Project has great gardens and world's largest greenhouse. It's amazing venue to play gig.

Inside of the greenhouse, it's hot!

ステージから見える景色。サイコー!the view from the stage. It's amazing!

フレーミングリップスサウンドチェック。Flaming Lips sound check.

出演アーティストは、Ok Go, The Go! Team, そしてFlaming Lips
またFlaming Lipsが見れる!前も2度ほどサポートをした事があるけど、本当にすごかった。
Ok Go, The Go! Team, and Flaming Lips is headlining. 
We can support Flaming Lips again, we did support for few times, they were amazing live band.

うちらのライブ終了時のお客さん。Audience after our set.

そして、いよいよFlaming Lips!!! Flaming Lips Started!!

Wayne started to walk around on top of the audience in the balloon. 

The dancers are local audience who are fan of Flaming Lips. 

Non stop entertainment, non stop excitement. They are real entertainers. 

There is a micro camera on Wayne's mic stand. The picture is on the screen, make it big face!

今日はライブをした、というよりも、観客の一人として楽しませてもらった!って感じがしたなぁ。ホントに楽しいひとときだった。Flaming Lips サイコー!
Today, I felt like I was entertained by Flaming Lips as audience, I almost forgot that I played our gig after Flaming Lips show. I enjoyed Flaming Lips so much. They are amazing!



  1. Hi Kaori.

    The Eden sessions were brilliant. I enjoyed Ok Go, the Go! Team, and the Lips, all of the gigs were brilliant.

    The Eden atmosphere infected everyone in the audience, and I hope up on stage!

    I took some video, thought you might like to see this one (as you;re in it)..sorry the sound quality isn't great, it's an old camera.


    I'll be uploading some Lips and OK Go clips in due course. Did you try the pasties? I had two, they are so tasty!

    Have a nice summer: then some rest I imagine.

    One day I hope to get to know you, you have the sort of personality I like: mentalist.

  2. Thank you Gary! You were there! I really enjoyed the show in amazing venue. I think one of the great venue in the world like Red Rocks. Thanks for the video, it's nice. I didn't try pasties! no! I will remember next time. Hope you have nice summer too.
    See you!