12 Jul 2011

Guernsey Festival & Hop Farm! Prince!!

We played at Guernsey Festival on Saturday, then Hop Farm festival in Kent on Sunday last weekend.
Head liner of the Hop Farm was Prince!!

ガーンジー島まではフェリーで行くよ。We go to Guernsey by ferry.

There was racing by the beach in Guernsey, nice!

ガーンジーフェスティバルのお客さん。Thank you for Guernsey audience.

After the gig, we took the ferry to go back to UK.

Ninja and Hells Angels in service station on the way to Kent.

Hop Farmフェスの会場に着いた。セッティング。
We arrived at Hop Farm. Setting up.

Today's audience were great, I really enjoyed the show, thank you!

From now, we'll have fun ourselves. I like summer festival because I can be one of the audience.

Hot Chip DJセット。この人達、ライブもヤバいけど、DJもうまい。才能あるなぁ。
Hot Chip DJ set. Their live set is amazing but they can DJ too. They are so talented. 

そして、プリンス!!正直言って、私はファンじゃないのです。プリンスファンの方々、ごめんなさい。でも嫌いでもないです。Purple rainが好きくらいのレベル。
Then Prince! To be honest with you, I'm not fan of Prince. I have non of his records. Sorry for Prince fan but I like Purple rain.... totally fake fan.

but ..... but he's amazing performer, I couldn't believe that he's 53 this year. He's been releasing records since 1978, then he's still give us full power performance now. His dance and singing were just amazing.  It's so hard to keep going for long time as musician, but he does it and he has it all. All the real talent and it doesn't going down after 33 years. Just amazing.

彼のダンスを見よ!ハイヒールでこのダンス!Prince dance!

おまけ。Not prince dance!

楽しい週末だった。It was fun weekend.


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