16 Jul 2011

Slottsfjell Festival - Norway ノルウェーでのフェスティバル

ノルウェーは首都オスロから2時間半くらいの場所で、日本語で表せないSlottsfjell festivalに行って来ました。
We played in Slottsfjell festival in Norway. 2 and half hour away from Oslo.

あいにくの雨・・・。Unfortunately raining.....

It's nice touch for not so tall people.

家なのか、小屋なのか分からん建物。House or warehouse? I don't know what it is.

イギリスの救急車は999、日本は119、ノルウェーは113. ポップでカワイイ。
Ambulance in UK is 999, Japan is 119, Norway is 113. It's cute ambulance car.

We met the band called "Yuck"on the airplane from UK. There is Japanese female bass player Mariko in the band. Nice to meet Japanese female musician, there are not many.

Yackライブ中。Yuck on stage.

Really nice song. It feels like back to 1991. Good old days.

We are on stage. There are many people came to see us.
Norwegian people are nice, smily, brilliant sense of humor, look after other people really well, I like them. I could see audience smiling while the show, I had fun Slottsfjell! Thank you! 

Scream vodka in Norway.

Today I forgot my camera in the van when I got off at festival. The van drove off to pick up other artist.
I was waiting and when it came back, there is this photo on my camera.

Oi! Who is this!? I don't even know him and I don't think they know who's camera it is.
This is high quality sense of humor for me! Brilliant. I don't like his bottom but I like their sense of humor. I'm amused.

It's 10pm. Polar night?

最後にYuckの二人と。Two of Yuck and three of The Go! Team.



  1. Hi Kaori. I was checking your site and I´m glad for all nice moments you live right now. In Mexico rains too.
    I´ve listened a lot of Go! Team music in this rainy days, it´s a really perfect drug-ambient-booming-sounds.
    Also I was reading the memphis site, and I found this short line: "...Kaori Tsuchida who brings more ladyee vocal action to the table". I totally agree.
    Well, I say goodbye.
    Love you like always...and have a nice day!

  2. o!>Hello! Thanks for comment. In my head, Mexico always sunny! :)
    What a beautiful country, beautiful people. I'd love to go back to Mexico big time. Yes, I bring more loud ladyee vocal. :)

  3. Thanks for the words. I get impressed. Yes, Milk Crisis is a proof.