7 May 2011

Brisbane - ブリスベン

We are in Brisbane from last night. It’s great view from the hotel.

おはようブリスベン。Good morning Brisbane

ライブハウスはThe Zooという所。
The venue called The Zoo.
It’s been raining so heavily, I was bit scared.

サウンドチェック中。sound check.

We had great gig today! We didn’t have great gig since we arrived in OZ, so it was so much fun to play good gig in front of great audience. It wasn’t packed or anything, but it doesn’t matter. I felt audience really enjoying themselves, big smile on their faces.
You appreciate good things more if you have bad experience.
Thanks Brisbane!

そして今日は2006年に一緒にツアーしたThe Gratesというバンドのメンバーが遊びに来てくれました。久々に会えて、とっても嬉しかった!
Our touring friend back in 2006, The Grates are from Brisbane. They came to see our show, it was nice to see them.


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