1 May 2011

Melbourne - メルボルン/オーストラリア

We flew from UK to Australia via Hong Kong. We're up in the air for 20 hours or so.

It took 12 hours from UK to Hong Kong, we are waiting for another airplane to OZ in Hong Kong airport. This is how to get rid of your feed getting big on the long flight.

やっと着いた!長かった!We arrived Melbourne, at last!

We had little rest then went to the venue. Today we play the gig in the private event. The venue is bowling place. We play gig on the same day we arrive, I can't believe how tough we are.

We were surprised that we play the gig on top of pins. People bowling while we play. 
and audience are far away from us, I don't think they can see us much.
I think energy exchange is important for gigs, but we can't do it today, people are too far away.

Stage is ....... really small!!

We struggle to find some space for standing up. We can't move at all.
This stage is smallest we ever been last 7 years.

トミー仕事中。Tommy working on his side.


We came all the way from UK to Australia, and we haven't been here for long time so I really really wanted to play good show, but it was bad show for us as we didn't have any space to move and sound on stage was..... oh shocking. I'm sorry for the audience who were there, we really wanted to put good show but..... I was disappointed......

Sometime, we have bad show. Not always good show, but I couldn't get over it!!

There are not much wireless going on in Australia. We are struggling to get internet.
but I will update whenever I can. Thanks!



  1. That's terrible Kaori. Who booked that place? Big mistake!! You should get some pics emailed next time, before you book.

    What a waste of the Go!Team's talent and energy. I can see how sad you all look on that 'platform' they call a stage. And so far away. Must have been sad for the fans too.

    I hope the rest of your shows down under are back to normal.

    Enjoy the trip, the only way is up, and don't feed the Kangaroos!

    See you soon.

  2. Hello Gary! Hmmm..... Yes we probably check before we book...
    Thanks for comment! I can't feed the Kangaroos? I probably can't go near him because he's massive! Enjoy English sunny spring.