7 May 2011

Sydney - シドニー

今日はシドニーです。Today, we are in Sydney

I’m totally tourist. Opera house and Sydney harbor bridge.

結婚したて。ラブラブ。Just married!

I went to see Opera house. This building changes its shape depending on angle.
Architecture is art!

There are wild parrots in Australia. They are really cute, really big!
They are not afraid of people. Beautiful parrots.

今日のライブハウスはMetro Theatreという所。4年前にも来た事があるハコ。
Today’s venue called Metro Theatre. We played here 4 years ago,

There are Japanese Udon restaurant called “Mappen”.
It was cheap and tasty! I wish we have this restaurant in UK.


Today’s gig was great again! I was so glad we can finally played few good shows in OZ.
People were so into it. Thank you very much Sydney!

After the show in the dressing room.

He was waiting for us nearly 2 hours out side to get autograph. Thank you.



  1. Hi Kaori!!

    Oh wow, you posted me on your blog! Almost famous now, hahahah. I hope I didn't come across as some sort of crazed fan. Glad it wasn't too cold last week or I couldn't have waited that long. I was almost going to go and was thinking of leaving a note on the van but I wasn't really sure what to write. Then when you all came out I just got really shy and didn't know what to say. It was wonderful to meet you guys, you all seem pretty nice.

    Hope you enjoyed your time in Australia, and have a great show in Melbourne tonight. I'm sure you're looking forward to the *next* country on this tour!

    Btw, the photo I took is here: http://twitpic.com/4trqt9

  2. Hello Ellecer. You have really nice Camera! I like the photo we took. Thanks for coming to the show, we're enjoying Australia!