18 Apr 2011

Boston - ボストン

Today, we drive for 6 hours from Philadelphia to Boston. We woke up early, didn't have much sleep.

Ladies toilet in petrol station. It's most difficult to find in the world.

There are town called Brighton and Cambridge in US.

Our tour manager Aaron drove 6 hours straight. We arrived in Boston at last!

We played in this venue "Paradise Rock Club" 3 or 4 times. We're happy to be back again.

I had a friend in Boston last time we played here. She is from Kumamoto - same as my home town and we were in the same University in Kumamoto. She was studying music in Boston after Uni. She's in Kumamoto now, I wanted to see her again today.

Today's venue is medium size. I like this size of the venue.

ココのサインはいつもサイコー、夜がもっとイイ。I love this logos, specially at night.

Boston rocked so hard, best audience in US so far. They were having so much fun, I could see that.
We felt they were waiting for us, we were very happy. 
We play gig every day and sometime we can't get much sleep like today. We're tired sometime but as soon as we are on stage, audience gave us so much energy, we charged by that. We had so much fun.
Thank you very much Boston!!

Very energetic gig finished, we relax back stage. We used all our energy on stage.

今回のUK, USツアーにほぼ毎回のようにライブを見に来てくれているサイモン。
バンドの大ファン。いつも来てくれて、そしてTitanic Fandalismというファンサイトも運営してくれている有り難い人。イギリスに住んでるけど、アメリカまで今回やってきてくれました。ありがとうサイモン!
He's Pooh, his real name is Simon. He came to half of our shows in UK, and most of US tour. He flew from UK to see us in US. He runs Titanic Fandalism The Go! Team fan site, I'm appreciate it. I check my schedule on his website sometime because it's up to date all the time. Thank you Pooh! Have a safe journey back home.

Tomorrow, Brooklyn NY!


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