2 Apr 2011

Madrid - マドリッド/スペイン

本日はマドリッドです。We're in Madrid.
When I woke up, our tour bus was parked underground parking. I went up to see outside....

プラザ・デ・エスパーニャ!Plaza De Espana in Madrid!

There were lots of buskers as it's tourist destination. Kids were impressed with no face man, I wasn't impressed with it, it's low quality busking, this shouldn't be allowed but I like his outfit.

彼はバイオリンが上手だった。誰も見てなかったけど。He's a good busker, violin sounded good! (but nobody was watching him.)

常夏の日差しが最高。Really summerly sun is out, perfect!

Tapas bar in the town. Cafe latte is "Cafe Conleche" in Spanish. 

Maybe I could buy these outfit and change my job in the future as Japanese Pope? (J-Pope)

突然町中にあった青空古本屋。There was outdoor second hand book shop.

今日のライブハウスは、Joyという所。Today's venue is "Joy".

Stylish venue indeed. There are balconies, quite big venue. I hope people will come to fill up this place.

やりすぎの照明。Over the top lighting or gone too far lighting?

We have enough cheese, ham, salami and chorizo in our dressing room in Spain.
Sam's wearing salami T-shirt. I think it suits him.

Today's gig was rocking as Valencia, very nice and warm audience. I think there are not many shy people in Spain. It's really nice to play in Spain because they are enjoying music so much and I can feel it on stage. Gracias madrid!

Today's accident... Chi taken by ambulance in first time in her life.... 

After the show, she tripped on the stairs and banged her forehead on the stairs, there were so much blood! I was really worried.  Ambulance came and she went to the hospital. She had 5 stitches....but she was totally fine after was, she was smiling saying "It doesn't hurt much." Thank god for that!

Lots of things happening on tour, we'll do our best tomorrow again. 



  1. That venue reminds me of Usher Hall in Edinburgh where I first saw you guys, very high balconies, nice.

    I wondered, do you use hotels when you tour, or are you just bus-based? (mentally preparing for when I am your merchandise seller!!).

    Pope Kaori-T the First? The Go!Team could play St. Peter's Square. :)

  2. Gary> We sleep on the bus while we are on tour. No hotels. You've got to prepare mentally most for small space with lot of people.
    Yes it would be nice to rock St. Peter's square!