11 Apr 2011

Flying to Canada - カナダへのフライト

Here we are! We've been looking forward to go to Canada and US, we're flying from Heathrow airport.

London is really sunny recently, it's bit a shame to leave London when it's sunny. 
It's pretty rare to see bright sun in London.

ブリティッシュエアウェイズ。飛行時間は7時間。British air ways, 7hours flight.

We're flying to Tronto, when we were near Tronto, I saw some white stuff on the sea.
何だ?What's that?

氷だ!it's ice! 

I love the view from airplane, we can't normally see that amazing land scape and make me feel so small.
it's so beautiful. It reminds me "Blue planet", it's my favorite documentary.

Near Tronto. There was a frozen river comes out from frozen lake. I guess no one living there.

We arrived! Tronto is 5 hours behind than UK. I hope our jet lag is not too bad. 
Our tour start from tomorrow, we'll do our best!


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