1 Apr 2011

Valencia - バレンシア/スペイン

We had few days off back in UK and flied to Valencia in the early morning. REALLY early morning.
I had about 1hour sleep.

Super summerly in Valencia! I forgot about existence of summer because I live in London.

空き時間にはフリスビー。見よ!この夏空。Boys love frisbee. Look at this summer sky!

イアンは犬と会話中。Ian can talk with animals.

I was really tired, I didn't walk around so I don't have good pictures. Sorry.

公園にはオレンジの木。バレンシアオレンジ?Valencia orange in the park?

今日のライブハウスはWah Wah。Today's venue is called "Wah Wah".

Boys having some rest in the park.

サウンドチェック。sound check.

People in Valencia were so warm, I felt it on stage. They know how to have fun. There were no support band, no warm up for our show but as soon as we started the show, they had big smile on their face, dancing and enjoying themselves. It was so much fun to play there. I don't think it was best sound and show, there was feedback on stage and stuff like that, but Valencia people's smile and warm atmosphere made us easy and play good show. Small club, great people. Gracias Valencia!!

明日はマドリッドです。Tomorrow, Madrid.
Muchas Gracias Valencia! me alegro de verte!



  1. kaori my friend, let me introduce to you my band.enjoy.byee!!!


  2. A pop stars life is such hard work!! How do you manage to play a gig with all that energy on one hour's sleep? Amazing!

    Frisbees, my favourite beach game, I always take my frisbee on holiday, hard to find people to play with!

    Have a great stay in Spain, enjoy the tapas!

  3. Gary> I know it's hard work! I don't really know how we manage to play but we always do, or probably there is no choice so we do. ;)
    Tapas is good in Spain. it's summer here.

  4. I hope it wasn't exhaustion caused poor Chi to hurt her head, all that blood on the floor, not good.
    I hope she's ok!
    It's Spring here, sun is out, be nice for my game of golf tomorrow.

  5. Gary> Chi is ok. she still has got bandage on her forehead but it looks kinda cute. ;) Hope you had nice time playing golf.