24 Mar 2011

Brussels - ブリュッセル/ベルギー

We're in Brussels. It's really sunny day. I took a walk as we are here only today.

The venue is in the building in the nice park. Beautiful park.

この中にライブハウスがあります。There is the venue in this building.

Grandpas having nice time in the park.

Ian and Jamie having nice time in the park too.

healthy looking plants growing in the building.

ライブハウスの名前はOrangerie. 結構大きくて、音もすごくいい。
The venue called Orangerie. It's quite big and sounds really good!

今日は Dinosaur Jr.のJ.Mascisにも会いました。
We met J.Mascis today. Big hair J. Mascis......

Dreadlocks J.Mascis.....

Today's gig was bit strange one. I didn't know if they are enjoying the show. Not much people were dancing in the beginning. We are used to rocking audience in Germany, it could be better.
but people started to dance towards end of the show. Someone told me Brussels people are shy.
I hope they enjoyed the show.

Photo by Chi

おかたずけ。pack up.

We'll be back to France tomorrow, tour continue...



  1. Hello Kaori! I was at the Brussels show (right on the best spot in front of the typewriter ^^) and I can assure you that we really enjoyed it! It's true we're not the most expansive crowd in Europe, though... but as far as I'm concerned it was a great evening and I can't wait till you're back! Keep up the good work! :-)

  2. Julien> Thanks for comment! and thanks for coming to our show. I'm so glad you enjoyed the show. We are so lucky that most of people dance so much in our show, but I know that every people enjoy themselves in different way. We will keep putting all the energy in every show as we do all the time. We'll be back!