26 Mar 2011

Paris - パリ/フランス

パリへ移動中。We're driving from Rennes to Paris.

I saw blurred eiffel tower from far away when we were driving to Paris.
That was first and last of my sight seeing in Paris today.
This is the tour! We have only half day to look around every city but we don't have much time to sight seeing. Poor us.

The venue called "La Fleche D'Or", it used to be rail station.

We can see that unused rail from the venue. Stand By Me!

The stairs going down to the platform, now it's from the venue to platform. It's got mental arty stuff now.

look closer the window......

っっぬぉ!! Oh no!!

誰だ!!Who's that!!?

バナナマフィア!Banana Mafia!

窓ガラスのヒビもアートみたいです。あぶね〜。すべてがアートな駅。じゃなくて、ライブハウス。it's all art, crack of window is art too. dangerous though. anyway, it's arty station. No not the station, it's a venue.

今日の控え室。today's our dressing room, Jamie enjoying being there.

Today's gig was definitely hardest gig since we started on tour from 3rd Feb. It was hot! (again!) and there was not much air in the room. It felt like playing the gig in the following condition.... imagine.... -  really hot, the humidity was near 100%, and 3000m above the sea level! Probably the venue wasn't built for rock concert. it was the station. There was no ventilation in the room, but it rocked hard! Paris audience jumped hard!
Merci Paris!!

Today's star, our friend Nigel. He did our guitar tech before, he cycled from Brighton to Paris in 15h!
distance from Brighton to Paris is nearly 300miles, we couldn't believe it. He's a MAN!

Merci Paris, vous voir bientôt!



  1. Great show ! jumped as if a were 15 again.
    loved the small window of your backstage room !
    the venue sucks... too hot and sounded so weird


  2. Matt> Thanks for coming to the show! and comment! You noticed our secret window? haha. Hope to play in Paris again in the place not too hot. ;)

  3. Hey Kaori I really like your blog and your were so great on stage. You seem to be a very kind and talented person. I was born in Brighton but live in Paris now. I was so happy and proud to see a Brighton band play a sell-out show and rock Paris so hard. People really love you over here. Keep up the good work, love and respect to all of the band! xxxx Ben

  4. Ben> Thanks for nice comment Ben! Brighton and Paris! Nice combination, how cool is that!? It must have been very hot on your side on our gig. It was very happy to see that so many people turned up to our show in Paris. Paris rocks! We want to be back there soon.

  5. Hey Kaori,
    It was also my first time at the Flèche d'or. I loved your performance even if the sound was not that good. It is a railway station and not an opera after all :) But you all played great and with a lot of passion and enregy ! Please come back soon !

  6. Is that banana loaded Kaori?

    It seems the French just want the Go! Team to sweat every night, that shirt in the photo is soaked! Great for keeping fit eh?

    Re me selling your merchandise on tours: to date I've sold eggs & cheese, shoes & polish, and for 20 years investments & pensions. So, I think I could do a good job selling your goods! If only I didn't have to do the day job:( .

    I'm not going to check your tour schedule, just follow your travels on your blog.

    Have fun!

  7. Alexandre> Thanks for comment! Yes, it wasn't perfect venue to play dancing, jumping gig. We always try to put our energy as much as we can on every show. I love to play the gig! See you in Paris next time, in cooler and nicer sound venue!

    Gary>That's banana gun. :) Yes it was very hot, very! I lost weight on this tour, as usual. You sounds good sales man, I ask you to do our merchandise when we have no one to sell next time. ;)
    We are having day off and tomorrow Valencia!

  8. Great concert in Paris! It looked as exciting in the back of the room as it was in the front.

    Here are two videos I filmed. You probably have seen hundreds like them, so they are just tiny mementos.



    And, just in case you want something different, check Los Amigos Invisibles (from Venezuela)


    Enjoy Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona(my city). Good luck in your looooooong tour! Arigato :)

  9. CB>Thank you very much for youtube footage. That sound clear. thanks.
    We're at Spain, it's sunny! we're enjoying. see you soon.