25 Mar 2011

Rennes - France レンヌ/フランス

We're at Rennes in France. I can't pronounce "Rennes" at all....

Beautiful town Rennes....

カワイイ自転車!Cute bicycle.

There was Merry go round, looks like old one, I like it!

Rennes have old town. It looks great.

Can you see that these buildings are not straight, still used as the shops and restaurants. It's great.
This can't be happened in Japan as earth quake.

素敵な教会。Nice church.

We don't have anyone to help us for merchandise tonight, we sell it ourselves. 
Sam and Ian in charge tonight. Can they sell it well tonight?

おしゃれな控え室。Stylish dressing room.

Since we are in France, the venue fed us well everyday. It's in the French culture to have good food.
We like to tour in France!


We played 350 capacity venue called UBU, bit smaller than normal for us.
It was totally packed and really really hot! You can't imagine how hot it was with direct light on stage.
I didn't think I have this much sweat in my body. I couldn't believe it. much more than hot yoga I did before. Audience were really sweaty as well but still jumping. 
Jamie is most sweaty person in the band, there was sweat pond where he stand on stage.

photo by Chi

It was very hot and very good fun!  Merci Rennes!



  1. Your posts make me smile Kaori, as I like to know who is the sweatiest Go! Team band member ;). Nice photos too, thanks.

    I volunteer to sell your merchandise on your next tour, as long as I can see the shows too. hee hee.

    Roll on Eden, less than 100 days to go now.
    Enjoy the rest of your travels.

  2. Gary>I'm glad you enjoying my blog. Yeah! it would be nice if you can do merchandise! come with us but you got to sleep on the moving (and sometime smelly) bus every night. ;)
    I can't wait to play at Eden!

  3. Good to follow you around Europe via your blog Kaori. Food does look good.
    As you are all so sweaty maybe I should join you for a "quick fix" weight loss. Poor Jamie. Poor bus driver having to drive you sweaty people around!!

  4. Liz> Thanks for following us around Liz! Yes, we are sweaty everyday. You are always welcome to join us, it is very much like "quick fix"!
    We are all sweaty monsters! x