17 Mar 2011

Stuttgart - シュトゥットガルト ドイツ

We're at Stuttgart in Germany. I can't even pronounce it properly, very hard to say "Stuttgart" for me.

Spring has arrived while we are busy on tour, I didn't even think about it.

シュトゥットガルトの街はとっても奇麗。Beautiful town center.

”ラットハウス” の音だけ聞くと、英語で ”どぶネズミの家” 。行きたくない〜。
This is probably town hall of Stuttgart. Town center is "Rathaus" in German. Sounds exactly "Rat house"!   That's not really attractive name.

Today's venue is "Schoken", pretty small club for us.

Retro Stefson sound check..... アイスランド出身レトロ・ステフソンサウンドチェック中。

彼らのプロモ写真はこんな感じ。カワイらしいです。Their promo photo. They are cute.

平均年齢二十歳の勢いを、The Go! Teamのベテラン組は微笑ましく思ってます。
They are so young. They huddle before the stage, it make veteran Go! Team smile. 

I try to remember "Stuttgart" and "How are you?" in German so I can say it to audience when I'm on stage. but no chance for me today. I wrote German on my hand in Japanese.

元気ですか? / Wie geht's? / How are you? / ヴィゲッツ?
シュトゥットガルト/ Stuttgart / (ドイツ語では)ショトゥットゥガート(言えるかよぉ!)

ステージ前のニンジャ。Posy Ninja before the stage.

There were so many people in the small venue, totally packed! I tried to see support band but I wan't tall enough to see the stage. I'm quite tall in Japan. I was wondering if people can dance on this small space but they did when we played! 

photo by Chi

We had good time, thanks Stuttgart! (I still can't even say properly!)



  1. I missed the concert, but must have been great says the the German gig-blog (see fotos!):

    a very nice tour blog, I love the foto with the letters saying "wie geht´s" (how are you) and "Stuttgart".

    Good to read, that your family is okay. It´s so sad. All the best for you and Japan!

  2. bertramprimus> Thanks for comment and link. I can't read the review but I like photos. Hope you can make our gig next time. Pray for Japan!

  3. Hello Kaori & Chi & Jamie.

    I was at your Cardiff gig, and my friend and I were chatting to you all at the party over at ten feet tall. I'm the guy from Plymouth who has now seen you in Scotland, Wales & England!

    Firstly, we have our tickets for Eden, I am so excited to see you and The Lips back together again, that was how I first found you, as support for the Lips up in Edinburgh. Maybe I will get to say hello down at Eden, it is a wonderful venue, let's hope the weather is great too!

    I hope the tour is going well, sounds like it is. The new album is now in my car CD, and the melodies are starting to hook me as they always do. I've also put Thunder, Lightning Strike back in the car to celebrate meeting you guys and to keep me 'in the mood' for end of June! I hope Chi will sing Hold Yr Terror Close. It's true, strangers are easy to like!

    Best wishes to you all at this difficult time, you bring happiness and joy to our lives, thanks for that.

    See you at Eden!


  4. Hi Gary! Thanks for message. It was nice to chat with you in Cardiff.
    I got really drunk that night. Yes we are so exited about Eden project.
    I love to see Flaming Lips again, I can't wait! and yes, the venue is beautiful I heard, it will be great experience for all of us. See you there!

  5. You did such a great show in Stuttgart! I saw you in Vienna on your first tour several years ago. This was my second Go Team concert and it's fantastic to see you live!

  6. Maegz> Thanks for comment! and thanks for coming to our show. It was packed on your side and our side wasn't it? I'm glad you enjoyed. We hope to see you somewhere in the world again. :)