15 Mar 2011

Zurich - チューリッヒ/スイス

スイスのチューリッヒに来ました。We're at Zurich Switzerland.

I've been to Zurich for many times before. It's a beautiful place.

そういえば、6〜7年前の事。私がThe Go! Teamに入る前のスイスの思い出です。
Before I joined The Go! Team, I used to drove everywhere in Europe for tour.
These pictures are memory of Switzerland in 2004.

We were driving from Switzerland to Italy in Alps. Amazing view, then....

Oh my God! There were an avalanche right in front of us. no warning signs or nothing.

This is my touring car for my previous band. Volvo rocks!  We were only 2 girls on tour. We didn't know what to do in front of an avalanche.

Anyway we are in Zurich in 2011.

アルプス山脈は健在。いつみても奇麗です。Alps doesn't change anytime, so beautiful.

今日のライブハウスはStall6という所。The venue called "Stall 6 "
そして、中はこんな感じ。Inside is like that. 

柱!a pillar!

There were lots of pillars in the venue, but one on the middle of the stage is really annoying.
The stage were really small too. Can we fit in here?

We had a sound man who make constant feedback on stage during our show, and he has no sign of helping us or make it better whatsoever despite I was shouting to make it better during the show.
I don't meet this kind of person much, world is so big. One person made all of us angry. he was bad.
but thanks for audience, despite bad sounds. Thanks for coming!

photo by Chi

There were some kind of brass festival in Zurich.

Our gig wasn't that good in here with technical problem and not helpful person, but this is the tour.
There are good day and bad day like our life. Tour continues......



  1. kaori, you have some momments like this with a bad guy on the sound.me and my band "clinica tobias blues" feel the same sometimes here in our city.
    we call this kind of guy "the mafia man".because he is not there to help us. only to do the evil.
    in my mind the go team do not had this king of problems,you play only in a very glamurous stages and all is perfect!!!!

  2. Sandro> Thanks for comment! sorry for late reply, I didn't see your comment... "The mafia man" hahah. Nice name for it. Yes I think he was Mafia man. :) We have lots of bad experience, believe me. ;) I think every bands in the world are same. but we try to make it better all the time. Hope your band and our band never meet Mafia man in the future!

  3. とても魅力的な記事でした。