22 Mar 2011

Hamburg - ハンブルグ/ドイツ

We're at Hamburg.  last day of tour in Germany.

ライブハウスは第二次世界大戦で使われていたビルを、そのままアートや音楽に使っているハコ、Ubel & Gefaeharilch。大きすぎて、壊せないからアートに使われているらしいです。
The venue called Ubel & Gefaeharilch, the building were used on second world war period, now it's venue and club. It's too big to knock it down. Yes, it's so big!

There is spiral staircase to the top floor inside of the building!

I was hoping that nothing bad happened on this building on war period, sound check.

控え室の食べ物もおいし〜。Delicious food in our dressing room.

控え室には大きな写真!There was massive picture on the dressing room wall.


I was hoping that we have good gig on the end of the Germany tour, and it tuned out really good for last day of German show. Audience were so into it. We really enjoyed. Thank you Hamburg!

photo by Chi

Today is the last day to play with Retro Stefson, they are really nice bunch of people.
They warm up crowd nicely, made us easy to play the gig. They are young so I felt like their mum!
I really hope they can make it.

日本のスタイルで、ピース!Japanese style, peace!

ドイツのみなさん、ありがとう! レトロ・ステフソン、ありがとう!
Thank you very much for all the German audience! We had best German tour ever.
Thank you very much Retro Stefson and Sandra! 



  1. Thank you very much for your great show in Hamburg and introducing us to Retro Stefson! All our favourite songs were played and the new songs live were ace! I really enjoyed it! A

    Also thanks for you bilingual blog, so my girlfriend can read it too and I can learn more Kanji and sentence structure!

    Keep up your amazing music,

  2. Jonas> Thanks for good comment! Hamburg rocked so hard, we really enjoyed there. Rocking audience give us energy while we are on stage for sure. Wow かんじが読めるんですか?すごいです!彼女によろしく。

  3. とても魅力的な記事でした。